Have you adopted technology transformation in hospitality?






Have you adopted technology transformation in hospitality


Many believe that there aren’t many options to be innovative when it comes to the hospitality business. But technology transformation in hospitality actually impacts all industries and is now changing the way travel brands and tourists engage with guests, taking customer experience to a whole new level. In the service industry, the customer’s experience is the most important for a business to succeed. Technology transformation can improve customer experience in various ways as well as improve customer satisfaction. Generally, when talking about hospitality, whether it be in hotels or restaurants, is to recognize that these are people businesses. It’s about delivering innovative customer experience in a way that will attract and keep customers interested and coming again.


Virtual reality in customer experience

As digital technology keeps evolving, more businesses begin to adopt technology transformation in hospitality. Many companies in the hospitality industry realize that by adding newer technologies they increase customer experience as well as business awareness. Now you can showcase your business in three ways for the cost of one: In-house, dolls-house, and floorplan. At the beginning of every tour, viewers can choose a 3D animated tour where each view offers a different detailed outlook of the premise. A 3D walkthrough is the easiest technology to implement for the hospitality business. Your guests can now see what their room looks like in real life. Guests are more confident, pleased, and more likely to book with realistic expectations.


Immerse with 3D showcase

3D walkthroughs allow you to share and engage with customers through apps, social media, and email. Customers can view your facility anytime anywhere and anyplace and can view the rooms in detail. Digital technology helps save time by avoiding repeated visits to the site and customers are able to take high-quality 360-degree photos. Virtual reality walkthroughs give guests a more realistic and engaging experience of your business and space.

3D interactive simulation

With 3D simulation, users can control the angle and position of view to see the entire development to get a better understanding. It’s important to keep updated with how a hotel can include the latest technology innovations into their business and stay ahead of the competition. One example of technology transformation hospitality is virtual reality. It is one of the most advanced and developing tech divisions and is something that hotels should be using to draw more customers and guests and ensure more direct reservations. Hotels have now tapped into technology to create virtual tours. This method allows a hotel to give potential guests a 360-degree walkthrough of the facilities and room options. 3D improves interaction and provides the customer with seamless solutions. Virtual walkthrough technology helps showcase facilities to customers to build confidence. Give guests an immersive 3D walkthrough of space, rooms, and floors. The perfect solution and a positive impact on people’s lives.


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