The do’s and dont’s of dressing professionally




The first impression is everything, whether it be a first day on the job or the interview. The first thing that people look at is your appearance, and whether it may not be fair or just, a person is judged by the way they look. When going to an interview you are marketing yourself as a product, and so you want to look your best. That does not mean you have to go out and buy expensive suits and shoes. As long as your attire fits you well, is in neutral colors, is not inappropriate and most importantly you have done your homework, then you should be good. By doing your homework, I am referring to practicing your interviewing questions. There are certain things to wear and certain things not to wear. For men and women, there are different set of rules. Appearance can definitely open or close doors for a person. Tips on how to dress include the following:

What to wear for women

  • Two piece suits that fit appropriately (not too tight or too loose)
  • Pants that do not drag
  • A skirt that covers the thighs
  • Tailored blouse
  • Neutral colors (gray, navy blue, brown, beige)
  • Leather pumps

What not to wear

  • Jewelry
  • Piercings
  • High heel shoes
  • Short skirts or shorts
  • Shirts that show cleavage
  • Pants that drag
  • Too much makeup
  • Bright colors on nails

What to wear for men

And lastly, for both men and women: lay out clothes for the next day; make sure there are no holes or strings hanging; shave; tie back loose hair; make sure nails are clean and dim colors; wear clothing in neutral colors; no jewelry; no short skirts or shirts; go light on the makeup; no perfume, cologne or aftershave.

You should also be prepared for interview questions that are going to be asked. Besides coming dressed appropriately, you must also be ready to give good and concise answers to questions asked during the interview. The most common questions that an employer will ask are the following:

Some of these questions might seem pretty easy to answer. But, you have to remember this is not a neighborly conversation or a friendly conversation – you are selling yourself. Two of the things that you should never mention in an interview are your children and negative facts about your past employers, because it makes you look bad. You should practice with mock interviews that way you are ready to go and get that job.


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